Service Providers & Telecommunications

Service providers and carriers run the majority of the communications and computing infrastructure that enables the modern economy to operate safely, and globally. Protecting and maintaining the integrity of this infrastructure depends on adaptable security solutions that can grow along with a constantly evolving ecosystem of network technologies.

Using Palo Alto Networks, you can evolve, innovate, and protect your infrastructure without compromising performance. We enable you to scale up, fight advanced attacks, and stay ahead of evolving threats, while reducing operational complexity and costs. With a better, more flexible security backbone, you can focus your resources on the rollout of innovative services that keep you ahead of your competition. 

Enable SDN, NFV, and next-generation networks

Network infrastructure is shifting to a more flexible model in which the virtualization of all components will soon be the norm. While computing and networking resources can be provisioned in a matter of minutes, security policies often follow a manual process that can take weeks. Palo Alto Networks puts you on a path in which security is as dynamic as any other component in your infrastructure. Your security policies can be deployed as quickly as any other network function, enabling you to realize the true benefits of a fully virtualized infrastructure. Learn more about our virtualization and cloud solutions, as well as our integration with orchestration engines including VMware, Openstack and Cloudstack.  

Get the best security and performance – with no compromises

You should never have to choose between service availability and security. This is why the revolutionary design for our security platform delivers both. When you deploy Palo Alto Networks, you can turn on all of its security capabilities - including advanced threat prevention - without worrying about the impact on your network's performance. The single pass architecture, which is unique to our products, performs any operation only once per packet, and eliminates many of the redundant functions that plague the integration attempts of other vendors.

Innovate with differentiated services and operational excellence

A high volume of advanced and targeted threats is the new norm, and everyone needs to rethink how they use technology and the Internet. You can innovate and deliver new services with the highest level of security by integrating our cutting-edge technology into your service portfolio. Our commitment to always adopt the latest technology and standards – IPV6, SDN, NFV and more – allows you to keep pace with innovation, while relentlessly improving operational efficiency. Our technology has successfully completed NEBS L3, FIPS-140, and EAL4 certifications

Use application-level visibility to better manage and monetize traffic

DPI solutions don’t provide adequate traffic visibility beyond Layer 3. With Palo Alto Networks, you gain visibility into traffic and bandwidth consumption directly at the application layer. Equipped with detailed analysis about traffic volume by application, time of the day, and user, you can optimize your network for better quality of service, manage service levels based on targeted user populations, and design service plans to improve your margins.

Take enterprise and cloud services to the next-level

Whether it’s delivering advanced and highly reliable computing and managed security services to enterprises, or ubiquitous connectivity to consumers, carriers and service providers need to stay one step ahead of the innovative, connected technologies that enterprises and consumers demand. Deployed in a physical or virtual form factor, our next-generation security solutions are the inline enforcement components of our security platform, augmented by our cloud-based capabilities. They work in tandem to deliver the most effective and flexible security framework available on the market today.        


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